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There's nothing better than cake, but more cake. - Harry S. Truman

What to expect during your cake smash session
Well it is guaranteed that there will be cake...or fruit salad if that's the direction you decide to go down. Also guaranteed is SO much joy! Because a cake smash session really truly is the most fun a person can have in front of and behind the camera! Everyone gets messy. Yes I mean everyone. Because at some point your happy little person will decide that they have had almost enough cake for one sitting and be eager for a cuddle...and I promise they don't want to cuddle me ;)

Essentially this time in your life is about celebrating your first year as a family. Your tiny, although not so tiny anymore human, made it through oh so many first year milestones and showered you with endless entertainment along the way. You as parents have made it through 12 months without killing each other! Winning! So now the only logical thing for anyone to do, is of course eat cake!

A Cake Smash session with me is all about letting off some steam, there'll loads of laughs for us, silly faces, lots and lots of mess resulting in gorgeous photos of your little one to celebrate their biggest milestone yet, turning one!

when to book
It is ideal that you contact me somewhere around the six month mark. You will recognise this time as perhaps when you're starting to feel like you're getting the hang of this parenting thing and hopefully sleeping a few extra minutes at night. My schedule does book up months in advance, so planning ahead as best you can will help to avoid disappointment.

keen to know more?
You can find even more in depth details on a cake smash session on the Your Cake Smash Session page, so head on over for a little extra reading!

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