Hello, I’m Tiffany. Welcome to Tiny and Brave!

I’m a Daughter, Sister, Mum, Wife & Aunty. I have read the same books a thousand times and have really only started branching out to new books this year! I LOVE music that I can dance like crazy to in the lounge room with my little people, we have the music up LOUD, we look very silly, and we love it! I laugh at stupid things, silly things, and hilarious things. I enjoy eating macadamia nuts, anything with coriander in it, too much chocolate and a nice hot peppermint tea. My favourite colour switches between cherry red and navy blue, but red usually wins out. Sunflowers are my absolute favourite flower, but a deep red rose often sways me too. I have short and crazy hair, more often than not, it will be messy and out of place, it's always a different colour, and usually multiples, I rarely wear make up and love a fancy shoe.

My Husband Nic & I are just two big kids at heart; we love to laugh together, usually induced by me jumping around corners scaring him senseless. I am pleased to say this trick is being passed onto the other children in the house, Hayden 13, Rory 11 & Lily 9...they enjoy seeing Dad jump in fright just as much as me! Our house is full of fearful screams quickly followed by endless evil giggles! These are my people. They are my world. They show me how to love, live and laugh everyday. Their smiles make me smile.

Amongst all of this, I am a lover of all things photography…and this is why Tiny and Brave is. I love my job!! I don’t think I have ever loved a job so much, and I am lucky enough to do it from home. My children have become mini photographers, any mundane object will become a ‘camera’ and their toys have become their subjects. This business has given me life long friends; I have met the most amazing people, cuddled the cutest of babies, and laughed with the silliest children. I could retire a happy woman, capturing such wonderful things.

I have been on this photography path for almost 15 years; I am fully Accredited Associate Photographer with the AIPP, WPPI and NZIPP and focus my work on newborn, family and maternity photography. My natural light photography studio can be found in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne in the funky little suburb of Briar Hill. Maternity and Family Photography sessions are held throughout Melbourne and surrounds.

If you are as keen to meet me as I am to meet you, head to the Contact Page and send me an email! Let's capture your memories together!

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. - Dr Seuss

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