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Baby, oh, baby the places you'll go! The worlds you will visit, the friends you will know. - Dr Seuss.

what to expect during your newborn session
I offer quite a simplified style, keeping the props to a minimum, allowing your baby to be the main focus of your finished images. My style is designed to guide your baby into poses that only come naturally to their little bodies and I constantly watch their body language to find little movements that even in their first few short days, have become very much their own signature sleeping style. These photos are going to become your time machine, they will take you back to this day to help you remember all the little things that make your baby the most precious person you will ever have met. They will remind you, that even though your life felt like it was filled with sleep deprivation, endless feeding schedules and potentially a lot of tears, form you and your baby, that there was also joy. So much joy.

While I am capturing moments of your whole family together, I limit the ‘posing’ side of things and aim to capture more intimate and somewhat candid moments between you and your baby. I like for you to almost forget I am there; I will let a beautiful moment just happen, encouraging you to do as you please and what feels natural to you and your personalities. In saying that, of course I will guide you to ensure you don’t feel awkward and your photos bring out the very best in all of you.

Essentially this time in the Tiny and Brave studio is really more like a family session. Of course your brand new baby has given us a reason to get together, and there will be so many adorable photos of your baby, but I'm all about finding the connections you share and all of the love between. Telling your story. This time in your life is very much about you welcoming your brand new little person into your world and it is my aim to give you something precious to help remember just how special the tiny cuddles were when your baby was still teeny tiny.

when to book
To ensure a session is available when your baby has arrived, it is recommended that your newborn photography session is booked while you are still pregnant. My schedule does book up months in advance, so pencilling in your due date will help to avoid disappointment.

keen to know more?
You can find even more in depth details on a newborn session on our Your Newborn Session page.

Get in touch today! To find out more or to book your session with Tiny and Brave, please use the form below or contact me directly;

0422 042 804

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